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Technical Resources

General product specifications

Our door and window systems are custom built, but include some standard specifications on all assemblies to ensure a better door and window.

  • Waterproof Nailing Flange or through-jamb mounting holes are standard on all assemblies for easy installation.
  • Unitized Construction allows for reliable installation with zero assembly required.
  • Performance PPG Epoxy Primer & PPG Catalyzed Urethane finishes endure against the elements.
  • Rehme Custom Hardware coordinates with assemblies and is pre-fit for easy installation.
  • Aluminum Glazing Ring is a low-profile, removable, one-piece metal stop for easy glass installation & replacement.
  • Superior Hinge designed & manufactured by Rehme to never wear out, squeak, grind or need oil.
  • Upgraded seals and sill system provide superior air and water infiltration performance.


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