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Q: Where are your doors and windows manufactured?

A: Our products are handcrafted in Spicewood, Texas in the Hill Country near Austin.

Q: Can I buy direct from your company?

A: Our products are available directly for projects located outside the state of Texas and where no local Rehme Steel dealer is present. For all projects in Texas please reach out to Rehme Architectural Systems and visit our dealer page for a full list of local dealers.

Q: How soon can I get doors and windows once I have ordered?

A: Lead time begins when you approve the submittal drawings for your project. Lead time can vary from 14 weeks to 18 weeks, depending on existing orders in our shop. We always recommend reaching out to your Rehme sales rep for the most up to date lead time information.

Q: Can we pick a custom frame color?

A: Rehme offers 20 standard colors which can be viewed in our Buyers Guide. Please reach out to your Rehme sales rep for copy and to schedule a time to see these finishes in person.

Q: Do your steel doors and windows include glass?

A: When purchasing Rehme Steel direct or through Rehme Architectural Systems glass will be included in your pricing. For out of state projects in which one of our dealers will be involved they will advise as to the addition of glass for our product. All Rehme Steel assemblies are site glazed allowing for proper frame installation and fenestration functioning.

Q: Do you install your doors and windows?

A: We offer complete installation, glazing, and weatherization services through Rehme Service Company and Rehme Architectural Systems in Texas and various other states. In out of state locations where there is a Rehme Steel dealer, they will offer installation packages as well.

Q: What kind of maintenance is required?

A: Clean painted surfaces with mild soap and water with a lint-free, cotton cloth, rinse, and towel dry to alleviate water spots. Avoid using paper towels.

Do not use abrasives (Scotch-Brite pads, Comet, Ajax, etc.), solvents (paint thinner, alcohol), or harsh chemical cleaners (bleach, Pine-Sol, Mr. Clean, etc.). These items can scratch, fade, discolor, or in some cases, even remove paint.

Be sure to repair any paint damage (chips, scratches, etc.) immediately to prevent corrosion.

Q: Do your products conform to Title 24 or other energy codes?

A: Our products do not specifically conform to Title 24. We can provide simulated performance values when necessary to be used in a Performance-Based or Non-Prescriptive (aka “REScheck”) program – generally yielding good overall energy performance numbers for your project. Product performance varies by application.

Q: Do your doors and windows meet hurricane and impact-resistance requirements?

A: Our products are in the process of Design Pressure testing, but do not yet meet those requirements. We currently do not offer a Coastal Product.