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Start with Better Materials

We only use 100% stainless steel in our assemblies for maximum corrosion resistance. It's also straighter, stiffer and has crisper corners. This results in doors that function predictably and seal tightly. This material costs more, but the right steel choice is critical to creating the very best steel window or door.

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Build It Right the First Time

We are a do-the-right-thing kind of company, because our customers deserve it. They’re entrusting us with their home, which is an honor.

Through every step of our manufacturing process, we do it the right way, and doing it the right way is harder. We know that if we don’t take time to do it right the first time, we’ll have to find the time to fix it later. So, the philosophy at Rehme is, “Just do it right, once.”

That’s why we use the Tig Welding process to build every assembly. It takes more time up-front, but results in smaller yet stronger welds for seamless joints and beautifully blended edges.

Additionally, our hinges are designed and manufactured in house and function better than any hinge currently available on the market. Rehme hinges are self-lubricating, won’t squeak or grind, and will never wear out.

With every detail and design decision, we are choosing to create the best product on the market. We want every customer to feel confident when they chose Rehme.

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Leave nothing to chance

We test, inspect, then test again. Every Rehme product goes through a rigorous 70-point Quality Control Inspection with exacting standards to prevent future problems. A Rehme-Certified Final Inspection is performed on every installed window and door with a written report provided to your builder.

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