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Bifold System Doors

Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces with our Integrated Bifold System. Custom steel fabrication creates superior strength with minimal site lines for unobstructed views and unhindered enjoyment.


Enjoy the free flow of light, air and camaraderie without the limitations of traditional sliding or hinged doors. Transform your space in seconds to connect with all that surrounds or to create the ultimate setup for entertaining.

Rehme Bifold Doors provide unrivaled quality and craftsmanship for a seamless transition to oudoor living spaces without compromising strength or security. Seal out the elements in one effortless movement to experience the true versatility that our Bifold Systems provide. Our panels have a max width of 36 inches, a max height of 10 feet and can accommodate spans of up to 40 feet wide.


Unlike traditional bifold doors that require top and bottom track assembly, Rehme Bifold Systems combine all the individual parts together. We build the entire frame so installation is a breeze. Our monolithic frame design features no corner joints, providing superior strength and preventing air and water from penetrating. Our aluminum glide tracks are mounted to reinforced steel housing that is part of the actual frame.

All Rehme Bifold Systems feature a fully waterproofed, heavy-duty nailing fin. This lends a rigid backbone to the assembly and provides a waterproof flange for your builder to mount to.

 MG 8029


E4 Hardware

The importance of durable, high quality hardware on bifold doors cannot be understated. That's why all Rehme Bifold Systems utilize top-of-the-line, heavy duty Eclipse E4 Hardware. This guarantees smooth operation for the life of your doors and creates a formidable barrier against water, air, sound, and temperature.