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Thermal Core

Rehme Thermal Core Technology™ uses an innovative honeycomb insulator to fully isolate the IG spacer from the steel, improving your IG’s performance by 10%.

Minimized Bridging

We eliminated nearly 90% of the thermal bridging in a unique way that maintains the rigidity of a true steel structure while significantly reducing the thermal transfer.

True Steel System

We rejected the standard thermal-break construction that connects two pieces of steel with plastic, and instead engineered a true steel door and windows system that doesn’t sacrifice the durability or structural integrity of steel.

"Rehme’s passion and eye for perfection separate him from many other steel window and door manufacturers. He continues to innovate." — LaRue Architects

Luxury is in the details

Rehme Thermal Core Technology utilizes an innovative honeycomb insulator to drive down U-factors and vastly improve condensation resistance. This engineering breakthrough delivers fenestrations that are noticeably more comfortable while retaining both the strength of steel and the aesthetic of minimal sitelines.

Technical Specifications