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Slim and Strong

The philosophy behind the Rehme SlimLine product is to make all sight lines as slim as possible without sacrificing strength nor stiffness. What sets our product apart from the rest is the precision fabrication and finish you can expect with every Rehme assembly.

Simple glazing and serviceability

Our patent-pending triangular glazing frame is fabricated from four sections of our proprietary aluminum extrusion to create a single, continuous glazing ring. This design makes it easy to replace or repair glass.

Quality hardware integration

We offer a comprehensive line of Rehme Hardware that can be selected at the time of purchase. We carefully fit and test all Rehme Hardware in your door in our factory before it's shipped. View hardware brochure

"Rehme doors and windows are extremely precise and the finishes meticulous, but there is still an artisanal quality to them." — Chas Architects

Luxury is in the details

We extrude our glazing stop in the shape of a triangle because after it’s installed, it mimics a traditional beveled putty glaze look, which gives the SlimLine product a very crisp traditional steel window appearance with improved performance. Since there are no fasteners or messy putty, our product is super simple to service in the event of a broken window. Any local glazer can remove the stop and replace the IG without coordinating with the manufacturer. 

Technical Specifications

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