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How to Defeat Work-From-Home Burnout and Zoom Fatigue

Posted on: January 24, 2022 by in Education
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We have some top-notch tips to help you find better balance between your work life and your actual life. And if you have back-to-back meetings, block out at least a 10-minute break between them, if possible. Turn off your camera for a few moments so you can get up and move around. Exercise your eyes by looking at objects at different distances from you. It’s also best not to use video if you have to take a call outside the office, as this can make the situation stressful and counterproductive. If you’re exhausted from a long day in front of the screen, you might want to suggest an audio call or postpone it for another day.

  • As we transition from the pandemic into (hopefully) post-pandemic life, many companies have adopted hybrid models.
  • You may also benefit from getting up and stretching and practicing deep breathing before and after video conferencing calls.
  • Our experts continually monitor the health and wellness space, and we update our articles when new information becomes available.
  • Moving from one area to another can be a great tool to refresh and recharge if you’re tired of your office view.
  • Employers can combat Zoom fatigue by using various methods of communication, making the video function optional, scheduling breaks between video meetings, and checking in with employees via the phone.
  • While spending your day on video meetings can feel exhausting, Christopher Todd Communities is here to help.

While virtual team building can be fun, many folks miss being physically present with colleagues. Working with folks you have never met in person can be a strange feeling. If possible, it may be worthwhile to occasionally meet up with remote coworkers in real life. Team members located in the same area or passing through a coworker’s city can meet up and spend time together. Unfortunately, organizations treat these issues as day-to-day challenges, instead of recognizing their strategic nature and addressing them strategically. At heart, these problems most often stem from organizations transposing their “office culture” norms of interaction to working from home.

How to Prevent Zoom Fatigue

That just doesn’t work well, since virtual communication, collaboration, and relationships function very differently than in-person ones. Having a large number of video calls in one day also can make you feel like you don’t get a break, Fast Company’s Elizabeth Grace Saunders reports. While working in an office building, “[i]n order to get from one room to another, you had at least a few minutes of physical movement and a quick mental break,” she writes. “Now, with videoconferencing, you literally have no time between meetings and go from one call to the next.” Research shows that when you’re on video, you tend to spend the most time gazing at your own face. You may be surprised to learn that on video, we not only focus on other people’s faces, but on their backgrounds as well.

how to avoid zoom fatigue while working from home

As we slowly move into the post-pandemic world, Zoom meetings are likely to continue to be a prevalent form of communication. Our brains interpret physical closeness as being in an intense situation. You may use this email to get in touch with us for any other reason relating to this Privacy Policy. If you send us an e-mail, our communication should clearly be marked as data protection query and as being time sensitive. If your Personal Information changes (such as zip/postal code, phone, email or postal address), we provide a way to update your Personal Information.

Hold Fewer and Shorter Video Meetings

To ensure your teams are not in video calls back-to-back, meetings should be scheduled with adequate spaces between them throughout the workday and the workweek. Managers should encourage their teams to take frequent breaks and step away from the computer occasionally to reduce their on-screen stimuli and refresh their minds. While hours-long meetings are sometimes unavoidable, hosts of such meetings should set aside small pockets of time, such as five minutes, for participants to take a quick break and stretch their legs. In part, it’s because they force us to focus more intently on conversations in order to absorb information. They also require us to stare directly at a screen for minutes at a time without any visual or mental break, which is tiring.

  • Video calls are often conducted with the parties sitting in front of their computer with their cameras on.
  • The next time you’re on a video chat, close any tabs or programs that might distract you (e.g., your in-box or Slack), put your phone away, and stay present.
  • The best alternative would be to meet in person, keeping Covid SOPs in mind, especially since many companies will start to implement the hybrid working model to improve business processes.
  • If you are on an hour-long video call, make it OK for people to turn off their cameras for parts of the call.
  • You also blink less when staring at a screen than you would in a face-to-face meeting, research suggests, which means your eyes are more likely to become irritated and dry.

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Minimize Fatigue During the Meeting

This can usually be done at the Registered User account settings page or by emailing our Data Privacy Department through However, as in many computer systems, internet applications and software programs, unauthorized use, failure of hardware or software, etc. may be injurious to the confidentiality of users’ Personal Information. Current residents of one of our residential communities may be asked to provide an rental home number, first and last name, phone number, email address, reason for contacting us, and any additional comments. In the midst of these changes to your workflow, it’s essential to take time for yourself to relax and recenter. Look up breathing techniques on YouTube, try a meditation app, spend some time in nature, or check out the meditation resources on Netflix. Recharging your mind will help you keep working from home effectively and productively—with less stress.

how to avoid zoom fatigue while working from home

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