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Rehme Thermal-Brake™ Series

Finally, it's possible to have minimal sightlines with minimal thermal energy loss. We created Rehme Thermal Core Technology™ to improve insulation from the elements while maintaining the strength, quality, beauty, and durability that Rehme is known for.


We were disappointed with the performance of traditional thermal break configurations for steel windows and doors. Simply crimping FRP (fiberglass-reinforced plastic) between two pieces of steel creates weak, low-performing fenestrations. Why would you rely on a mechanical crimp connection between plastic and steel to hold your steel door or window together? In our opinion, this defeats the whole point of using steel.

So, we solved the problem of thermal transfer in a whole new way. It's Rehme craftsmanship, quality, and durability brought to life in a new type of thermal enhancement we call Thermal-Brake. We put the brakes on thermal transfer by:

1.  MINIMIZED BRIDGING. We eliminated nearly 90% of the thermal bridging in a way that maintains the rigidity of a true steel structure.

2. THERMAL CORE. We created Rehme Thermal Core Technology™ to fully isolate the IG spacer from the steel, optimizing your IG's performance.

Thermal RainbowNote the top area - Rehme's minimized bridging and Thermal Core out-perform a crimped isolator, keeping freezing temperatures from entering your home.



Main Thermal Placeholder

Rehme Thermal Core Technology™ utilizes an innovative honeycomb insulator to drive down U-factors and vastly improve condensation resistance. The end result of this engineering breakthrough is a new manufacturing technology that delivers fenstrations that are noticeably more comfortable while retaining both the stregth of steel and the aesthetic of minimal sitelines. 

Thermal NEW U Factor


♦  A true steel window and door system

♦  Not constructed with two pieces of steel connected by plastic

♦  Designed to improve energy efficiency without sacrificing the strength, durability and structural integrity of a steel product

Thermal TDL Muntin 001

Thermal Fixed Frame